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February Virtual Lunch and Learn

  • February 09, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Building Communication Standards to Avoid Heartbreak

Help! We have a message to put out, but how should it be communicated to families? What constitutes an all-call? Who should deliver the message? Most importantly, how can we make sure we communicate consistently so families know what to expect?

Join us Friday, Feb. 9 for an OHSPRA virtual Lunch and Learn with Shawn McKillop as he presents Enhancing Engagement: The Power of Communication Standards in Schools. 

Explore this award-winning approach to how school districts engage with families and communities. Delve into communication standards and their role in promoting clear, consistent communication to bridge gaps and build trust. This presentation will examine who is responsible for communications, focusing on staff awareness of how, what, and when to communicate, and identifying when a topic is expected for direct communication. It's about keeping parents well-informed and setting clear expectations. This represents a school district's commitment to effective communication. The standards aim to provide uniform experiences across schools, streamline communication, and eliminate redundant messaging. Engaging case studies will highlight how standards can improve your school PR offerings, build trust, promote engagement, and enhance customer service.

This February Virtual Lunch and Learn is sponsored by Class Intercom and free for OHSPRA members. 


Our Presenter:

Shawn McKillop, APR

As the dynamic Vice President of Communications and Digital Transformation at the YMCA, serving the communities of Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford in Ontario, Canada, Shawn McKillop, APR, brings a wealth of expertise to the field of communication strategy and public relations. In addition to his current role, he also serves as the Principal Consultant of McKillop PR & Strategic Communications, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to school PR, community well-being, and his ability to drive positive change in diverse and impactful ways. Passionate about education, community services, and health promotion, Shawn's career journey reflects his commitment to making a difference.

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