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OHSPRA Spring Conference Speaker Spotlight

March 08, 2024 2:49 PM | Kelsey Webb (Administrator)

OHSPRA is pleased to announce Akwi Nji as an OHSPRA Spring Conference speaker. 

Nji's presentation,Bold Storytelling That Disrupts Tradition to Engage, Empower, Inspire, will be an impactful session to close out our conference. 

You don't want to miss Nji's amazing presentation as you learn how to take a profoundly different approach to engage employees, reignite enthusiasm, and build trust with your families and community. In this interactive and engaging session, participants will reimagine how to integrate powerful graphics, videography, and copy that slices through the static and appeals to diverse audiences. Akwi delivers valuable insights and actionable takeaways. You'll leave inspired, informed, and empowered to implement practical steps to achieve your marketing and communications goals, improve the academic experience for students, and increase family and staff engagement.

About Akwi Nji
Akwi Nji is an artist and communication strategist whose experience includes working as Communications Director in the second largest school district in Iowa. She most recently served as Director of School and Community Relations and Communications at Waterloo Community School District. Her professional background is in education, arts administration, journalism, public relations and marketing. She specializes in integrating video, audio, graphic design, and written content to develop creative campaigns which engage, inform, and inspire trust. As a communications director for PK-12 education, she was the first in her region to launch a district podcast, Superintendent’s blog, and a monthly TEDTalk-style series for educators. As founder of Powerful Over Pretty, a niche marketing solutions agency specializing in powerful storytelling to boost brands, she designs and implements innovative yearlong marketing campaigns – primarily for K12 districts – through live, digital, and traditional communications that represent and engage diverse populations. Akwi works at the intersection of innovation and communication strategy. In one district, social media followers increased by 800% in six months. Because she is also a professional artist, she brings to the school public relations profession an innovative and effective multidisciplinary approach to utilizing the power of communications to ignite empathy and trust in audiences.

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